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Living Songs 

30th May | 3- 4pm

Mixing old songs with new and funded by the RVW Trust, soprano Jessica Summers and pianist Jelena Makarova bring their Living Songs project to Brighton Fringe! Songs and music by Thomas Arne, Cheryl Frances Hoad, Madeleine Dring, Phil Baker, Clive Whitburn, Vaughan’s Williams, Erich Korngold & Samuel Coleridge Taylor, this classical song recital takes the plays and poetry of Shakespeare as its theme. Free programme for audience but spoken introductions given also.


Dance of Awareness

31st May | 2.45- 4.30pm

A Dance of Awareness experience where you decide which role to take, mover or witness. Both are valid, you decide in this participatory adventure that will be co-created before your very eyes! Dance of Awareness is movement practice that you can’t get wrong, you move wherever the music and mood takes you. A fun way to move with others, improving health, fitness and wellbeing. Let the music take you on a journey to embodiment and greater connection, to yourself and others. All inclusive, suitable for people with limited mobility. This event is supported by the Brighton Lions Bursary.

The French Connection

18th & 19th June | 6.30 & 8 pm

This Anglo-French musical extravaganza follows the life of Nicholas Lanier, a French lutenist who fled to England escaping religious persecution and went on to gain the title 'Master of the King's Music' in the court of Charles I and II. Nicholas' grandfather had been court composer to Henry II of France, so this performance weaves music and poetry together to paint a picture of courtly life across the channel . Featuring composers such as Nicholas Lanier and de Boesset, this musical feast is not to be missed!

With period instruments and historical acting techniques that combine lute music and the declamation of poetry, Nymphes et Monstres bring you more than just a Classical concert.

For this concert, Nymphes et Monstres is joined by very special guest Michael Fields. He and soprano Kat Carson will take you through some of the best music from Charles I reign.

"[Nymphes et Monstres] treated us to a wonderfully imaginative programme communicated with energy and a high level musicianship.” (Pyecombe News, 850 Celebrations March review)

£10 - £15 BUY TICKETS 

William Bishop:

Live and In Person

24th June | 7.30- 8.30pm

Performing songs from the critically acclaimed album Waves on Wire.

"Bishop’s vocals are heartfelt and poignant." (Volatile Weekly)
"These songs demand your full attention to catch all the nuances of his words and music, but the payoff is rich indeed." (La Voice)

£7.50 - £9.50 BUY TICKETS

Abstract Source

25th June | 9- 11pm

Soundscape. Cinematic Installation.

We are going to gather at midsummer and share the beautiful space of our lovely local place, play some deep soulful electronica, alongside films of our environment and the nature that surrounds us. Please come and share our gentle step back into togetherness in a safe, digital immersion.

Music: cutting edge sound science mixing brainwave entrainment, pythagorean tuning, biorhythms, and traditional sound healing. 

Film: shot on location in Sussex, featuring aerial cinematography by drone. 

An audio-visual event presented at this beautiful sacred space in the heart of Brighton. A unique combination of light, colour, motion and sound.