'The Unitarian Church seemed to be very on top of the covid requirements, it felt very safe to be in your hands'

- Arka funeral directors 


 At Brighton Unitarian Church we take your safety extremely seriously. When government guidelines allow the church will be open as a place of worship. We have now re-opened our church as a place of worship and as a venue and rehearsal space for covid-secure events. However we are erring on the side of caution and we have put in effect a phased re-opening of the church. We have also made changes to the church and how it can be hired as per government guidance.  We won't be back to business as usual for some time and are staggering the kinds of bookings we accept over a three month period depending on their risk assessment. We are also keeping a close eye on the reinfection rate and on public health advice.

This page will be updated if there are any changes, last updated 24/02/21.

Information on our protocols are based on Government guidelines.

What changes you need to adhere to​

  • Please do not enter the church within 14 days of you or your household having had a positive COVID-19 test or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Queue outside the building and keep 2 meters distance 

  • Face masks must be worn at all times inside the building 

  • Sanitise your hands on the way in, we have sanitiser stations by every door

  • Track and trace, you will need to sign in

  • Windows must be open whilst you're inside the church 

  • Social distancing is in place, see markers on floor

  • No food or drink to be served 

  • All hirers must fill out a risk assessment before they can return 

  • New capacity guidelines (please see below)

Entering the church 

There is now a queueing system outside the church. We ask everyone to use this when entering so people can observe social distancing. Face masks have to be worn inside which is now law in a place of worship. We have face masks by the front door if you don't have one. There are sanitiser stations by all entrances and exits, you must use these when entering.  Track and trace is now compulsory so please sign in and out. When leaving the church please be cautious and keep to social distancing. Most events will now have an online booking system to help control the numbers.

Please do not enter the church within 14 days of you or your household having had a positive COVID-19 test or experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Inside the church

As well as the queuing system outside we will also have a one way system in the church. This might not be appropriate for all events but will be in place for busier ones. Sanitiser stations by all doors must be used when entering the building. Booking online slots for free events will be in place including church 

services so the capacity can be controlled. Windows must be kept open whilst the church or hall is in use.

Singing and wind instruments are now allowed, however social distancing needs to be in place and face masks or face shields. The distance between a wind instrument and a the audience has to be 3 meters. Singing groups can now only be up to 6 people.

We have moved our Sunday Services online and this is continuing at the moment. If you would like to go on the email list for invitations to our services on Zoom please email the church.


Our calculated capacity with social distancing in place is;

  • Church 28 people 

  • Hall 16 people​

However with the spring roadmap of reopening 2021, the capacity of different events will change throughout the year. Please see the timeline below.

What hirers have to do 

All hirers will need to fill out a COVID-19 Risk Assessment which will need to be returned to us at least a week before the event. We will determine if your event can go ahead depending on your risk assessment.

As the event organiser you will have to make sure all guidelines (as above) are being met. 
Every booking will have an extra free 15 minutes for cleaning at the ending of your session. We will provide all cleaning equipment which will be left out in the church and clearly marked. All surfaces that have been touched, door handles and surfaces in toilets will need to be cleaned.

If your event has to be cancelled because there's been a rise in the R-rate then we can refund your deposit in full or move your event to another date. We will not keep any money due to a cancellation caused by the pandemic. 

Roadmap for Reopening

All dates are a minimum depending on the governments 4 tests. 

Test 1: The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully.

Test 2: Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated.

Test 3: Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS.

Test 4: Our assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new Variants of Concern.

4th January
Support groups up to 15 people 

Funerals up to 30 people (28 in our church due to space)

12th April 

Community groups

Children's activities indoors up to 15 parents

Weddings up to 15 people

17th May
Indoor entrainment

Indoor sport 

Weddings up to 30 people

Support groups and children's activities up to 30 people

21st June

Capacity is still 28 but we can have now have bubbles of up to 6 people from 2 households bubbling together. 

Weddings and Funerals no capacity cap but inline with venues social distancing. 

19th July 

No more restrictions 


Download our risk assessment 

Risk Assessment


Now more than ever we appreciate your donations